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Characteristics of instructor

They are native Japanese speaking instructors who have experience of international exchange and value hospitality.


Language Study:Japanese・English

I have one daughter who will be a university student next year. I will do the work of esthetics at the facial salon and draw letters and illustrations with brushes and colored pencils. I think that communicating the goodness of Japan to overseas people is a wonderful opportunity for themselves to better understand their hometown. I am looking forward to being able to communicate with everyone who is eager to learn Japanese.


Language Study:Japanese

I am fond of cooking just as house wife.
Especially I am good at considering the saving dishes
with using the very healthy ingredients.

Shall we talk about a delicious cooking of your own country
for each other?


Language Study:Japanese・English
Personality:Laid back・Cheerful

I like reading books, traveling, gardening and handcrafts.
I am full of curiousity and cheerful personality.


Language Study:Japanese

I would like to express the Japanese wonderful culture to the all of you.
Vice-versa please let me know each culture of your countries.
I also would like you to come over to Japan by all means after studying the Japanese with you.
I am looking forward to see.