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Lesson Prices

  • Free Trail
  • 25minutes for free at first time
  • Number of lesson
  • Light
  • Monthly charge
  • Monthly point
  • Number of lesson
  • Standard
  • Monthly charge
  • Monthly point
  • Number of lesson
  • Value
  • Monthly charge
  • Monthly point
  • Number of lesson
  • Great
  • Monthly charge
  • Monthly point
  • Number of lesson

About Point System

Expiration Date of point
1 month
Points consumed for 1 lesson
  • The lesson fee includes tax.
  • From next month, automatically renewed monthly.
    (Pay paypal by automatic draft.)
  • The points is effective for one month from the date of giving. (Ex. When you join the plan on May 10 th, the validated date is Jun 9 th.
    We will give the point on Jun 10 th and pay by automatic draft)
  • If you join the plan in the end of the month, such as 29th, 30th, and 31st and the next month has no previous mentioned date on the calendar, the validated date will be one day before the last day of the month.
    Last day of the month will be the date of giving points and payment by automatic draft.
  • If you cannot consume your point by validate date, the point will expires.