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Lesson Contents

Free Talk

It’s best to improve your speaking skills!
This course is best for the students who want to enjoy the communication in English
and to improve your speaking skills.
Let’s enjoy any topic such as hobbies and Japanese culture!

Japanese Beginner Course

Never experienced for learning Japanese or same level. This is the course for who never experienced learning Japanese, or who are on the same level.
You will begin to learn by introducing yourself and basic Japanese conversation.
You are available to take lesson by using your recommended textbook. Textbook-based-learning is also available. We can recommend you some textbooks.
We can also teach how to read and write of “Hiragana” and “ Katakana” to the applicants.

Japanese Intermediate Course

Available to speak easy daily conversation
This course aims at understand tutor’s questions and be able to speak Japanese naturally by using easy words and phrases. We can also teach “Kanji”,”Grammar”, “Syntax” to the applicants.

Japanese Advanced Course

Availableto talk about a wide range of topics in Japanese.
This course aims at becoming able to tell accurately while you are debating complicated topics with native speakers.
You can develop your conversation skills more creatively.

Lesson necessities

1.PC or Devices that support video camera


3.Skype account

How To Use Skype

4.PayPal account

We will check your level on free trial lessons

(Please inform your self-reported level. The tutors will check your level on free trial lesson.)

Super Beginner Never experienced for learning Japanese, or the same level.
Beginner ・Available to speak basic Japanese.
・Available to understand basic grammar.
Intermediate ・Available to speak daily conversation as the limits of Japanese usage.
・Available to understand listening Japanese.
Advanced ・Available to speak with native speakers without any difficulties.
・Available to speak Japanese by using different grammars.