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Company overview

According to a survey of our services, foreign residents wanted to come to Japan because of Japanese culture (anime, martial arts, etc.) and for a work permit. They tend to want to improve their conversation skills over reading and writing.

Speaking is the fastest way to learn Japanese, and learn how to communicate in Japan, so they take advantage of the companies teaching and learning system.

The service is online because it does not require a second language, such as English.

Regardless of age, whether you have young children or elderly, you can start work right away.”


Let’s do our best to strive for justice, the improvement of others, and to be the best role models we can be.

Our lifestyles are the foundation of the services we will continue to provide to society.
We will continue to devote ourselves to the future, so we ask for your support and cooperation.

Company name Wownas Corporation
location 683-103 Miyagawa cho Higashiomi city Shiga prefecture 529-1551
TEL / FAX 0748-55-4877

representative Akiko Sakaguchi
number of employees 56 people
Establishment June 1, 2017
Capital 3.6 million yen
Business contents Outsourcing Business 
Japanese Culture Experience Market Place 
Regional Produce Business 
Japanese Cultural Exchange Online Service